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Monitor Archive for September 27, 1994

Worse Than Munich
Russia Miffed By Oil Deal Signed With Azerbaijan

Ketchup Plays Catch-Up With Spicy Salsa
Gun Owners Want Some Respect
Zulu Chief Draws Condemnation For Disrupting Television Show
US Works to Secure Haiti's Streets
Palestinians Hone Pencils To Revamp Their Schools
Cleaning Out the World's Biggest Basement
Bicycling Through The Woods of Memory
A rehearsal for the wrong war
Opportunity Knocks: Some US Firms Greet End to Haiti Embargo
World Bank Turns From Saving Trees To Saving Cities
A Prison Picture Of a Different Breed
Bavarian Vote Produces Mixed Results for Kohl
Gun Owners Want Some Respect
Keep the troops in Ireland
Serbs Like Easing of Sanctions; Decry Split From Bosnian Kin
New Program Minimizes Tax Bite for Big Investors
Scientists Make Grand Strides In Linking Species
Will Railroads Merge in the East?
Liberal Democrats Pose Deal That Stirs British Politics
Don't Gut ABM Treaty
Gun Owners Want Some Respect
Results of Brazilian Elections Will Affect US Trade, Investment
Jimmy Carter's Day in the Sun as a Top-Level Negotiator
Drowning in a Field of Greed
Haitians Seeking Asylum Wary of Forced Return
Love and the Intellect
Governor Notes Bittersweet Tone In Political Openness
Potpourri of `Baseball' Opinions; Air Force's Offense Is Earthbound
In Hula Land, Activists Do Not Skirt the Issues
US economy to grow at modest rate
Campaign by Computer, Vote by Mail - Is This Politics?
Don't Let Mergers Crowd Out Defense-Conversion Efforts
Mammoth Facts About Mammoth Cave