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Monitor Archive for September 23, 1994

Special Effects And Scholarship Create `Paleoworld'
On Being at Home
Lost Message From Cairo: Educate Young Women in US
US Tries to Keep Lid On Haitian Situation
Sharing Maine's Sweet Summer Secrets
No Health-Care Reform, But Plenty of Finger Pointing
Unorthodox Coach Gets Results
To Avoid Blame, Congress Takes Cautious Stance On President's Actions in Haiti

Control campaign coffers
GOP Has Rare Shot in Hawaii Governor Race
National Interests, World Support
Back Home, Hutus Flee New Attacks By Tutsis
A Cost-Savings Measure Carries $5.4 Million Tab
Flash: Ad Sales Rise Nicely For Television Networks
In 1992, the Number of Businesses Grew Rapidly, Led by Small Firms
Art Interrupts Grit and Grime In N.Y. Subways
Labor Secretary Reich Pleads Workers' Case
Federal Work Force Shrinks in Gore Plan
A must-see? Not for me

Burma's Strongmen Meet With the Lady
Where's the Greek viewpoint?
UN Delays Lifting Haiti Sanctions; Readies Troops
Cairo's Faulty Assumption
Beautiful, polluted parks
Global Glass Ceiling
The Ticket to Violence: TV and Movies
All Smiles and No Sparks Take Focus off Summit
Gems for the Cellar
First Forays Into Novel Writing
Mrs. Hadzic Is a Bosnian Muslim; Serbs Came and Took Her Away
Major Record Labels Try to Copy The Success of Independents
Peru Gears Up for Soap-Opera Campaign
Cedras as Chameleon
Dial 1 for Rain Forests: Discount Phone Rates Sold to Social Activists
Carter Explains Strategy As Clinton's Fireman