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Monitor Archive for September 13, 1994

Unfinished Handshake
Some Car-Care Advice From a Pro: Be Sure to Read the Directions

Mergers Make a Comeback in US, Pushing Up Stock-Market Prices
Clinton Fulfills Two Campaign Pledges, With A Flourish
Palestinian Islamist Group Signals Shift in Strategy
An Irish Boy Is Philly Bound, But Can't Shake His Loved Ones
The United States Needs A Conventional-Arms Policy
`Frasier' Wins Six Emmys; `Picket Fences' Is Best Drama
The Wilderness Act: Work Continues After 30 Years
Japanese Special Vote Revives Opposition
Hawaii's Tourism Bounces Back With Japanese Arriving in Droves
Will Cuba's Real Enemy Please Stand Up?
Both Conservatives and Liberals Decry Rapid Increase in Single-Parent Families
To This Farmer, Quiet Living Is Worth More Than a Fortune
Hutus and Tutsis Show Tolerance In a Neighborhood of Bujumbura
Will Cuba's Real Enemy Please Stand Up?
Will Cuba's Real Enemy Please Stand Up?
Radio Free Asia: Costly, Counterproductive
Ohio Grows Football Powers; Agassi's Convincing Win at Open
Will Cuba's Real Enemy Please Stand Up?
Will Cuba's Real Enemy Please Stand Up?
A New Report Tracks 50 Years Of American Dream
Shuttle Studies Earth's Atmosphere With New Lasers
Chief of Staff Panetta Is Getting the Job Done
Census: Nuclear Family Fading
US Stiff-Arms China on Joining New Trade Pact
A Symphony Of Clocks at Noon
Death-Penalty Fervor
Steering Women Toward Car Maintenance
Former Communists Boosted by Ballots In Eastern Germany
Protected by God
A Mississippi County Grows Casinos Instead of Cotton
USAir, Boeing Will Pass Scrutiny

Jessica Tandy, Award-Winning Actress
Second Income Can Shrink With Taxes and Expenses
Plants Play a Part In Climate Change