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Monitor Archive for August 9, 1994

Affordable Housing That Ingenuity Built
Safe or Not, NYC Sludge Draws Jeers in Arizona Town
Name-Calling Spoils Irradiation Article
By Emphasizing Rail, Canadian Pacific Ltd. Returns to Its Roots
Growing Clouds of Corruption Threaten Namibia's Progress
Summer Fires Blaze in West, Central Washington Gains Respite
Castro Reasserts Calm After Riots, But Havana Remains Tense
US Might Have Avoided Rwanda Tragedy
Home Banking Services Offer New Sophistication

$2.3-Billion Sunglass Industry Has Its Day In the Sun
Whitewater's New Starr
Color-blind admissions see correctly
Rwandan Leader Says 100,000 Should Be Tried for War Crimes
Major League Baseball Ponders Strike 8; Tale of a Troubled Pool; a Rare Error
A close shave for the Citadel
Taiwanese Filmmaker Sees His Art As a Delightful Culinary Adventure
Name-Calling Spoils Irradiation Article
Vital Works Refute Ageism in Art
A picture worth a thousand words
Don't Neglect Nigeria
New Colombian President To Slow Economic Reform
Fear of Crime Spurs Public, Private Spending
Curbs Urged on Witnesses for Hire
Staff Cuts Leave Workers Feeling Overworked
Deford: Sportswriting Is `Great Drama'
Asimov the Explainer Explains Himself
Open Phone and Road Links To Israel Stun Jordanians
Three Years Later, `What Will Be Left of [East] Jerusalem?'
Making Dream Homes Come True
China-Taiwan Ties Boosted By `Breakthrough' Pact
Azerbaijan Keen to Seal Oil Deal With West
Work: a question of ethics
The Men Who Would Be Mayor Of Ladd, Ill.
Having Things Under Control