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Monitor Archive for August 3, 1994

Ideas, not plots, inspire Jean-Luc Godard
On-line astronomy links Jupiter watchers
No Shortcuts on the Way to a Closer Europe
Mexico's President Must Act Carefully
Hungary cancels World Expo
Some Summer Light
Bosnian Serbs Try to Sabotage Five-Powers Peace Plan
Rules on Ethics Create Side Effects in Statehouses
Haiti Needs New Elections, Not Invasion
Britain's Imperative To Water Industry: Clean Up Your Act
After years of tumult, Russians yearn for normalcy
Mexico's President Must Act Carefully

First Postcard
US high-tech firms redeem the past
Finding God's Guidance
Psychological approach limits biography of Mary Baker Eddy
S. Africa Defuses Land Mines
UN tackles genocide in Europe and Africa
Senate, House Rush to Finish Health Packages
Who Owns the Land?
Facing Reality, Cuban Style
`Century of French Cinema' Tours North America
Intel retakes lead after sliding
Haitians Unfazed by US Threat, Government State-of-Siege Decree
The Endgame in Haiti
Ecologists Debate Merits Of Rain-Forest Products

If a president drags his feet on foreign policy, pundits will gladly direct it on TV