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Monitor Archive for August 26, 1994

Argentines Reexamine Cost of Shifts in Middle East Policy
Asian Americans Spurn Image as Model Minority
Why Not Talk to Castro?
A Languid Narrator Spins a Southern Tale
Nigeria's Jailed Symbol
Mexico's Victor Faces Different Test
Rejoicing Over Late-Summer Showers
Emigration Won't Cure `Surplus Population'
Boomers, Don't Panic On Your Retirement
Immigrants Find Common Cause in Trade
The price of Deng's pragmatism
Island Resort Boasts a Benign Racial Climate
Emigration Won't Cure `Surplus Population'
A Fan Says Goodbye to Her Field
Traffic overload
Let Cuba taste free markets
Immigrant Lives Written on Walls
Menendez Urges: Stem Cash To Cuba
Emigration Won't Cure `Surplus Population'

Eye-opening news
Native Americans Closely Watch Moves to Regulate Casino Gambling
All-Women's Team Plays Catch-Up Baseball
Thank goodness for Yeltsin's backbone
Japan's Indigenous People Represented in Parliament

Ancient Mini-Sphinxes Found Outside Cairo
A Sobering Look At the Networks' New Fall Lineups
Inter-Serb Leadership Row May Pivot on Army General
Caution Remains Key On US-North Korea Talks
Litigation v. accountability
Arafat Caught in Middle Of Rift Over PLO Charter
Public Baths in Japan Meld New Jacuzzi Jets With Old Tradition
Japan Can Help Build Bridge Between East and West
For Victims of Repression, Russia's Compensation Plan Amounts to Small Potatoes
Canada's Provinces Finally Tackle Their Fast-Rising Indebtedness
Blockbuster Chief Plans South Florida Theme Park
Oliver Stone Turns His Agenda to Anger In `Natural Born Killers'
The Sun Cannot Harm You
Cuban Refugees, Relatives Say Clinton Will Shift Again