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Monitor Archive for August 23, 1994

Running Out of Foes, Clancy Picks on Japan
When Good People Happen to Bad Things
Clinton, Not the Press, Needs Prime-Time Conferences
Clinton Pulls Off Win on Crime Bill
El Salvador Must Keep Promise To Stop Political Violence
Computer-Generated Maps Help Monitor the Environment
Ruling Party Leads Election Tally As Mexicans Voted in Droves
British Rights Groups, Police Denounce Tory Crime Plan
Let a Friendly Inmate Help Plan That Next Trip for You
US Delegation to Tackle Copyright Piracy in China
As US Output of Oil Slips, Imports Hit Record Level
British Rail Strikes Put a Brick on Tracks To Private Operation
If You Shop on Television, Use Caution, Experts Advise
Ruble-Laden Russians Seek Property Abroad

N.H. City Recalls Historic Role In Russian-Japanese Peace Pact
Jurors to See Exxon-Valdez Damaged Areas For Themselves
Hong Kong Professionals Are Wary of 1997
US Must Get in Line to Host World Cup; Unseen Risk in Monster-Truck Events
Senate: Pass Crime Bill
Faulkner's Hair: the Long and Short of It
California's SOS Initiative Sizzles
The Birth, Destruction, and Rebuilding of a Community
Max and the Wild Things
A Human Face For South Africa's Park System
CityVote Aims to Put Urban Issues to Fore In '96 Campaign
N.Y. Stage and Film's Summer Gig
Lawyer Ads: Hucksterism Or Protected Free Speech?
Cuban Exodus to US Continues Undeterred by Closed-Door Policy
President on the Line
UN Considers Troops for Burundi

`Comfort Women' Demand Money