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Monitor Archive for July 27, 1994

Slip of the Tongue or Backtracking? Clinton Clarifies `Universal' Care
Russia-Estonia Summit Seeks Troops Solution
Never Separated From Good
Separatist Party in Quebec Rolls Toward Ballot Victory
For Taiwanese Journalists, Freedom Stops at the UN's Door
How Japan and Germany remember their military pasts
Super Seeds No Substitute for Soil Quality
Prague Has What Paris Lacks: Trams
Rwanda, Now and Later
Jordan-Israel declaration on holy shrines angers PLO

Clinton Plans Open Trade Door To Latin America, Irking Labor
Some Rwandans Leave Overcrowded Camps, For the Journey Home
UN Genocide Convention, unused since Nuremberg, to be dusted off in Rwanda
Bridging the science-religion divide
US Senate's Lone Voice Of Dissent on Breyer Sees Potential Conflicts
A growing concern: information security
Bretton Woods: birth of the free world's monetary system
Two banks for the poor mark 50 years of work
Super Seeds No Substitute for Soil Quality
Japan's Old Ruling Party Once Again Pulls the Strings
World economy rallies, yet joblessness mounts
US confidently strides ahead
Summit, multilaterals boost Arab-Israel ties
After 46 Years
Lessons from S. Africa, Angola
European Parliament Shows Its Inclination To Exercise More Power
US Must Look Ahead To Next Hong Kong
Many Lessons for Liberia In South Africa's Model