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Monitor Archive for July 26, 1994

Syria Holds Off Direct Israel Talks For Better Deal
Some Lug Nuts About Monster Trucks
Give Species Act Credit Where Due

`Greatest Show on Earth' Takes Acrobatics Overseas
Mozambique's Rebel Leader Finds New Suit, New Future
$7.2 Million Expansion Is Boon to Naval Museum
`Old Ironsides' Gets a Modern Overhaul
Keeping That Monster-Size Promise
A New Romney Enters Politics, Taking on Ted Kennedy
Argentines Deplore Image Created by Bombing
Alternative Health-Care Groups Push for `Choice' in Reform Bill
Drama Blooms in Williamstown
Israeli, Jordanian Leaders Meet to Formalize Peace

Belt-Tightening by Universities May Erode Academic Offerings
Good vs. EviL From a German Master
New US Student Loan Plan Runs Into Scholastic Doubt
Integrating the Americas: Lessons From Asia
Alaska Governor's Race Unconventional, as Usual
Going Out to the Ballgame Never Looked So Inviting
Canadian Groceries Rely on Electronics To Catch Up With US
What the World Needs Now: A Genocide Court
For Press and Politicians, Power Is Playing the Game
With Reforms in Tatters, Iran's Economy Staggers
Utility of Postdated Checks Is Lost In Race for Electronic Efficiency
When Ecology And Economy Meet in a Business
Safe With God
Wet Days Bring Swarming And Swatting of Insects
Muslim Radicals and Police Hunt Feminist Bangladeshi Writer
Simple Truths
The Dignity of Work
Mediators Weigh Bosnia-Style Plan For Croatia
An Environmental Test Case