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Monitor Archive for July 25, 1994

All Newark's Children

Walcott's Trinidad Troupe Elevates West Indian Arts
Space, Next Generation
THE TWO FACES OF FRANCE:In trade, culture, and outlook, it wonders:Embrace the world or shut it out?
How to Evaluate a Teacher
Aid Officials Urge Refugees To Return to Rwanda
Experts Divided on US Invasion of Haiti
A View From In-Country: What's Needed in Haiti
California Responds to Needs Of Firms With Good Results
Dredging the Past: Recovered Memory Or False Memory?
New Labour Leader In Britain Alarms British Conservatives
A Dark-Horse Victor in Belarus's Balloting
Two Trade Shows Ready Themselves To Go Head-to-Head
Time Line
Deutsche Telecom to Privatize
Jordan-Israel Handshake Signals Major Change
As UN Council Weighs US Invasion of Haiti, All Eyes on the Junta
US on the Defensive as Talks Begin On Global Banning of Nuclear Tests
Asian-American Cops Battle Gangs in N.Y.'s Chinatown
National Board for Reviewing Teachers Comes Closer to Fruition
US Role in Somalia Praised Despite Loss
Jupiter's Comet Encounter Stirs Astronomical Broth
Whitewater Hearings May Steal Attention From Health-Care Debate
Modern Meets Tribal Art
Violent Youth Crime on the Rise In Gang Culture, US Report Finds
Eastern European Industry Pays Steep Price for Contamination
Saudis Said to Have Aided Iraq's Nuclear Program
Never Without God's Parenting
Keeping Canada's Indian Youth in School