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Monitor Archive for June 8, 1994

Black holes: how scientists `see' the invisible
Negotiating From A New Perspective
Clues to Goya's Enigmatic Art
US Joins Western Allies and Russia In Backing Partition Plan in Bosnia
British intelligence rebuilds after losing N. Ireland strategists in helicopter crash
Evolving Corporate Boards
Australian `white mouse' was a guerrilla to Nazis
After decades in exile, Arafat and others in the Palestine Liberation Organization are on the verge of returning to their homeland to begin partial...
Pragmatism on Trade
To each his own ballgame

Forest Plantations In China Receive Canada Funding
Japan Outlines Strategy To Help Squeeze N. Korea
Christian Science Church Holds Annual Meeting
The President's Missing Link
Biotech Will Strike Blow at Small Farms
Half-century after World War II, Europe looks for symbols of a united future
Biotech Will Strike Blow at Small Farms
Elections for European Parliament Mark Crucial Juncture for Union
UN urges humanitarian use of `peace dividend'
Surge of US Education Under GI Bill Recalled by D-Day Commemorations
Haiti: History Repeating Itself?
Enlightened by their microscopes, engineers take cues from nature
`Yes' to China's MFN Isn't a `No' to Rights
Church to Explain Its Value to World
Clinton should speak softer on human rights, carry a more effective stick
Saying `No' to Rape
Rwandan Rebels Staged Their Attack From Uganda