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Monitor Archive for June 14, 1994

Russian Ecologists Seek Safer Technology From US in Scrapping Nuclear Submarines
Politics, Morals, and `Opting Out' of War
Three Novels Explore Midlife Aimlessness
Keep Korea Crisis Cool
Bosnian Cease-Fire Holds As Mediators Plan Talks
Euro-vote Stuns Most Leaders, But Germans Make Kohl's Day
States Snap at Congress: Stop Mandated Sentencing
Russian Organized Crime Infiltrates Economy, Threatens Foreign Investment
Greek Troupe Looks to Its Roots In Interpreting Ancient Tragedy
A Step Closer to Peace in Angola?
Reclaiming The Ancient Lands Of the `Old Ones'
The Soldier's Lethal Litter: Unexploded Bombs in US HL: As many military target ranges close, cleanup may take decades, big budget, careful handling
Take a Trip to the Electronic Wild West
The World Bank Is Not a Police Force
Is Life Insurance for Kids Necessary? Many Say `No'
The Electronic Typewriter: Don't Write It Off Just Yet
The Surprising Beneficiary Of the Hand-Held Computer
A passionate defense of Sondheim
Rebel Forces Claim to Take Key City in Rwanda
When New Cars Go Electric
Disposal of Warhead Plutonium Awaits Federal Study of Options
Spit-and-Polish Military Looks at Its Own Big Messes
`Woman Warrior' Finds a Voice
Big Apple Proposes Biting Back At Public Smokers

`Carousel' Gets Brass Ring
The World Bank Is Not a Police Force
Overseas, US Pushes Its New Trade Goals
Raising Stakes in Haiti
Combating Temptation
Honoring Teens on the Way Back Up
Max and the Solar Eclipse
Mapping the Route to Confirmation Fairness
A Cut-Rate America's Cup; Book Bargain for World Cup
US Races to Cork Atomic Genie