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Monitor Archive for May 4, 1994

Prospect of Political Unrest Unsettles Mexican Campaign
Human Rights Filmfest Features Issues of Injustice
Clinton Builds School-to-Work Highway
Coptic Christians Caught Between State and Islamists
Clinton Faces Possible Gains By Republicans In Senate Races
Of South Africa And Nixon
American Radio's Place in a New Europe
Computers Helped South Africa's Voters
Kyrgystan Takes Quiet Path to Democracy
Hope for Rwanda Centers on New Talks
American Radio's Place in a New Europe
South Africa Takes Final Steps Toward Long-Sought Democracy
Where Vendetta Is Tradition, This Province Has Averted Violence
US Plans Doubling of Aid To S. Africa After ANC Win
Long-Term Impact of Clinton Appointees
Recycling of Newspapers May Be Worth The Trouble
American Radio's Place in a New Europe
Cuban Congress Aims To Save Island's Economy
Russian Mafia Thrives in Berlin
The Old House On the Croton 1749
American Radio's Place in a New Europe
On the Way Home
E. Germans Ask: What Economic Recovery?
Bush Calls for New Haiti Policy, Dropping Aristide
South Africa's Tumultuous Road to Majority Rule
Israel Approves Foreign Observers In Hebron
Suicide-Assist Ban In Legal Limbo After Kevorkian Acquittal
Lumber Yard
Welfare's Overhaul
Jordan Opens Door to West Bank
US Coastal Bays Likely To Get Needed Cleanup
Wuhan Bids for Third Chinese Stock Market
Progress of a Kind
Commercial TV Struggles With Tight German Laws
Research Says Readers Want News `Menus'
Group's Wool-Gathering Helps Refugees in Croatia
A Paradoxical Reason For Optimism in the East
Israelis, Palestinians Face Competition, not Battles
US flight control moved out of FAA

Dealing With Change