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Monitor Archive for May 25, 1994

Shave and a Haircut - No Tour
Sentences of Trade Center Bombers Raise Questions of Judge's Methods
French Open for Security Buffs
Casino Invasion Stirs Up Mississippi's Gulf Coast
A Career Change?
Youths Taking Guns to School Get Special Treatment in US
Don't Link Human Rights and China Trade
Hubble Telescope Finds Signs of Black Hole And of a Supernova's Strange Two Rings
Air-Polluting Tale of Two Cities
US, Japan Make Breakthrough On Trade Talks
Cannes' Top Prize Goes to US-Made `Pulp Fiction'
Italians Fall Victim to Extortionate Loan Practices as Recession Bites
False Promise, False Hope in Senate Resolution on Bosnia
Microsoft `Tiger' Software Grabs at Superhighway's Tail
Chancellor Kohl's Man Wins German Presidency
Boris Yeltsin's Midstream Memoir Defends and Details Key Decisions
Privatization in Europe To Cost Thousands of Jobs
Tabasco Team Turns Up the Heat
True Beauty
Stop Backing Tobacco Exports
When the US Washes Its Hands of the World
Fox Makes Deal Impacting TV Landscape
When Bibliophiles Realize That They're Pack Rats
Rostenkowski Expected To Resign in Plea Bargain
On the Trail Of That Elusive Top Quark
Don't Fax Us, We'll Fax You
Durable goods orders barely edge up
California May Balance Prices Of Services For Men and Women
Israelis Gulp at Inflation, Prohibitive Housing Costs
British Parties Seek Referendum on Major
Haiti's Regime Tries to Please US With Harsh Crackdown
`Etching' With the Sun
Sales executives lead hiring drive
Both Clinton and Congress Stumble On Foreign Policy
Nicaragua's Sandinistas Fail to Resolve Party Rift
Remembering Refugees
A Borderline Proposal
Commodities' Giddy Rise Leaves Investors Wary
The Germans Who Welcomed D-Day
Money Makes a Race For US Senate Lively
Christian Science Church Appointments
Bushels and Bushels of Baskets
Art and Objects From the Land Of Genghis Khan
Lloyd's on Defensive From Investor Losses
For Church, Baptists Find, Bigger Isn't Always Better

The High-Tech Soldier Goes to `War'
Tobacco Companies See Huge Market in China
Mandela Stresses Unity, Dignity of S. Africans In First State Speech
Coal Power Plants South of the Border Rile Texans
A Portrait of the Ever-Popular Mary Cassatt
Unrest in a Cuban Fishing Town
In New York, Republicans Pick Challenger To Cuomo
Eula Mae's Jambalaya
Yeltsin Unveils Measures To Boost Industrial Sector
The Germans Who Welcomed D-Day
Superintendent Of Biloxi Schools Sees Short-Term Casino Benefits