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Monitor Archive for May 23, 1994

That Sinatra Magic Still Lives
Disasters and True Happiness
Sudanese Leaders Open Door To a Western Peace Effort
White House Should Be Wary Of Using Military Force in Haiti
Universities, Seeing a Shrinking Fund-Raising Pool, Jump in
British `Bobbies' Will Tote Guns to Fight Rising Violent Crime, Low Police Morale
For GOP, Win Over Kennedy Possible in '94
Meanwhile, Steer Clear of Hotel Rooms
Germany's Right-Wing Violence Becomes Issue in Election Year
Revenues, Readership Grow As US Dailies Show New Life
Rich Tapestry of Fiddle Sounds Derives From Three Countries
Brown's Criticism Hurts Candidacy
Monitor Reporter Wins Award For Series on Reform of Congress

Western Canadians Bitter Over Quebec Separatism Indian rights, painful split top concerns
Meanwhile, Steer Clear of Hotel Rooms
Warning: Legal Gambling Is a Costly Game
New Sanctions on Haiti
Italy Indicts Former Premier on Mob Ties
Antarctic Likely to Be `Safe Haven' for Whales
A Quiet Sense of Order
Crimea Votes for Greater Freedom From Ukraine
St. Louis Schools: Have-Nots vs. Have-Lots
US to Renew Talks With North Korea As Crisis Eases
Growth Forecasts Are Pared Back After Fed Hikes
A Who's Who Among Jurors Slated to Award Top Prizes
Pro-Iranian Guerrilla Leader Captured by Israel
Clinton's MFN Decision
Former First Lady's Achievements Noted
Move Starts in Congress to Ban Export of Logs as Supply Shrinks