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Monitor Archive for May 16, 1994

Teaching Science To the `Unteachable'
`Sally Marr' Ranks High Only With Joan Rivers Fans
Exxon Valdez Trial: Did Recklessness or Error Cause Spill?
China Frees Dissident As US Nears Decision On Trade Status
Looking to '96, Quayle Faults Clinton Stance On Haiti Issue
View From the Inside: Inmate Study Group Gives Advice on Solving US Crime Problem
Poverty-Weary Dominicans Seek Change by Ballot Box
A Closer Look At Desegregation
Landscapes With New Vistas
Clinton Picks `New Democrat' For High Court
Bill's `Excellent' Choice
Candidate of Conservatives Wows 'em in Mexican Debate
Bosnians Continue Battles Despite New Call for Truce
Brown's Triumph And Hand's Blunder
Spike Lee Unveils His Most Lovable Film to Date
Algerian Leaders Drop Call-Up Against Islamists
EU's Fitful Enlargement
Palestinians Enjoy First Days of Self-Rule As Arafat Chooses Leadership Council
Russia's Flagging Economy Threatens Ties with West
US Success in Panama Proves An Invasion Will Work in Haiti
`Family day care' needs to be improved, says national report
Inflation Worries Dwindle Yet Fed Likely to Tighten
New Haiti Refugee Policy Draws Fire From Activists
Northeast's High-Speed Rail on Fast Track
Recycling vinyl
The Mixed Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education
Hispanic Companies See Surge in Sales, Survey Says