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Monitor Archive for April 6, 1994

Chicken Little and A Six-Month Bifocal
A Slight Hang Up: A Number Crunch For Phone Area Codes
Mystery of `Great Leader'
Japan Says Clinton Wants Trade Results At Any Cost
What Price Clean Streets?
Managing Population Growth
Gun Control Takes Center Stage In Recall of California Lawmaker
Illinois May Crack Down on Guns With Strict Legislation
This Tiny Russian Enclave In Europe Could Explode
A Hot Ember Left After the Cold War
Doubts over `Dear Leader'
Careful Cuddling of Big Bear
Myths Hurt Haiti's Chance for Democracy
Israeli Army Prepares To Exit Gaza
David and Goliath?
Scholars Defend Verdi as Scandal Erupts
Soviet Artists Say Freedom Comes at a Price
To Save the Children
Tremors Of Discontent Jar China And Rattle Its Communist Leaders
Mexico Officials Charge Group Of Guards in Colosio Murder
Myths Hurt Haiti's Chance for Democracy
Chinese Investors Face Scrutiny As Indonesia Vies in Asian Economy
UN Trade Embargo Batters Economy of Import-Starved Iraq
The Golden Whistle
Uncertainty Rises, Markets Plunge Amid Violence In South Africa
Bulk Shipper Raises Concern As It Buys Out Competition
Mindful of a Turbulent Past, Wary of an Uncertain Future
Racial Gap on Mortgages Mystifies Experts

Australian Play `Dead Heart' Confronts Race Relations
PLO Loses Support in Diaspora
Mulberries To Link The Past And Future
Art Exhibits Around the US
Phoenix Site In South Africa Still Sits in Ashes
Hurdles to Asylum
Year of the Family Aims to Shore Up Society
A Spring Thaw Under the Apple Tree
North Korea's Nuclear Record
On the Road To Highway Repairs
States Getting New Area Codes