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Monitor Archive for April 25, 1994

Choosing the Path To S. Africa's Future
Art Among Gypsies and Mumpers
Three Generations of Sorrow For Black South African Women
New Report Finds Youth Deaths By Homicide Doubled Since 1985
US, World Leaders Pay Tribute to Richard Nixon
US firms need to tap more into Asia
20 Years After Revolution, Portugal Proud Of Democracy
Old Habits Die Hard
West's Latest Threat Tests Serb Resolve in Bosnia Anew
Excitement Pervades South Africa
Richard M. Nixon
`Phantom' Trades
Richard M. Nixon, 37th US President
`Beauty or Beast' Label Can Affect Your Salary
Canadians Watch Economy Blossom
Citizen Group Fights Television Violence

Geoffrey Beene Laces His Clothes With Elegant and Mischievous Wit
Solar Sales Brighten Up Despite Oil's Bargain Price
Hata to Take the Reins in Japan's New Government
Clinton's Style Of Governing Hurting US Foreign Policy, Experts Say
Kemp Takes GOP Message To Bay State
Geli Recalls Her `Marriage'
Rabin Makes First Trip Of Israeli Chief to Russia
Canada Takes Serious Look At Banning Guns in Cities
`Green' Merchandise Is Only a Beginning
Heavy Traffic Strains Roads And Manners In America
Error-Free Work
Details and Delays Bog Down FCC Bid to Try New Auction System
Privatizing Hartford's Schools
Texas Court to Rule On Anti-Abortion Protests
What Children Watch: A Review of TV for Kids
The New Secretary: Longer Title, More Responsibility, Same Salary
There Will Be No Spam Fritters Over the White Cliffs of Dover
Scorecard for Children's TV Programs Rates the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Colombia Chief Denounces US Officials on His Drug Stand
Keeping the Elections Clean As Voters End Apartheid