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Monitor Archive for April 22, 1994

Yeltsin Opposes Airstrikes On Serbs, Proposes Talks
Asia's Fast Growth Brings High Infrastructure Costs
French Lawyer Seeks Retrial In Landmark Touvier Ruling
`The Yearling' Reworks Its Magic
Precedents Exist For Related Lawyers' Ethics
China Makes Big Deals in US Trade Mission
California to Deregulate Power
Masking of Bias a Risk In Jury Selection Now
Here Comes New Wave of Personal Digital Assistants
Social Commentary Via the Kitchen
Breast-feeding freedom
It's worth it to reform welfare
League of Nations all over again?
Nuclear weapons in S. Asia
Who Knows Who Will Replace Boris Yeltsin?
Inner Cities Being Redone American Way - Self-Help
Precedents Exist For Related Lawyers' Ethics
Key Senator Backs New Bosnia Policy - With Allied Support
One Macedonia
L.A. Faces Cost of Damages In Rodney King Civil Suit
Acoustic and Solo Acts Dominate Concert Scene
History Hobbles German Soccer
Bringing home the fight against drugs
Bringing Environmental Issues Home
US Probes Crime's Global Reach
Japan's Leaders Bicker and Stall Over Choice Of Premier
Valuing Child Care
Argentina Defeats Morocco in World Cup Preview.
Fall Fashions: New Mix of Old Ideas
The Nature Company Is Joined By a Growing Host of Competitors
PRI's Lead Slips in Mexican Campaign
Clinton Tries a Tougher Line on Bosnia
Hata's Challenge: Testy Coalition Needs Finesse
Come clean on the Khmer Rouge
A New Lease on Sporting Life
HUD Plan Would Replace Old High-Rise Projects
Comaneci to Help Romanian Gymnasts
The Versatile Joffrey Makes Leap From Rock to Fairy-Tale Ballets
Indonesian companies venture abroad
Appearance of Resolve
On Earth Day, Religious Groups Work to Save the Environment

South Africa's `Coloreds' May Back De Klerk
A Harbinger of Spring on One Leg
Is a `Reserve Army' Of Jobless Needed?
US Secretary of State Shuttles to the Middle East
The Permanence Of God's Creation