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Monitor Archive for April 18, 1994

Health Care Alliances Vie for Center Stage
The Value Of Spiritual Intuition
GATT: Almost in Hand
Sharp Criticism Puts Tobacco Industry on the Political Ropes
Political Turmoil Roils Mexican Economy
Fear of Flying
Foreign-Born Earn Higher Science Salaries
Quebec Separatists Itching for a Win In Provincial Elections
How Does Her Garden Grow?
New Look at Plight of US Children Puts Pressure on Clinton Reforms
For One Dropout, Gaining Self-Respect Was the Best of Many Valuable Lessons
Ma Bells Vie for One-Stop Local and Long-Distance
Clinton to Allow Police To Search Public Housing
The Trials of Middle-Class Blacks
Bosnian Serbs Call the UN's Bluff
Get Ready, Get Set, Garden!
Aiming at Child Labor
Reversing Apartheid's Imbalances
Karen Akers Ensures Cabaret's Survival In a Lovelorn World
House Still Needs Votes To Ban Assault Weapons
A Place Where Dropouts Come Back
To `Ragin' Cajun,' Whitewater Is More Froth Than Mud
Searle Cartoons Have Wit & Bite
Unexpected Findings Highlight NASA's Space Shuttle Mission
High-Tech Lawyering

A Rwandan Church Becomes a Fortress
Bygone Baseball: Savoring the Playoffs
Lake Michigan Is Winning Attack on Chicago
Rwanda's Tragedy
Roger Mandle's Ecology of Change
Yugoslavia Expels Monitor Writer As Part of Retaliation Against West
Russia's New Revolution in Conservation
Turkey Treats Kurds Fairly
Colosio: Victim of Mexico's Lawless Politics
Few Women Make It Into The $75,000 Salary Bracket
`10,000 Maniacs' Found In Southeast Asia
Serbs Fondly Remember The Way Things Were Under Yugoslav Founder
Birds or Business? Debate Rages in Pristine Vermont
Hunters Head for the Woods As Bear Season Opens in Ontario
`Fly by wire' jets
Mayor Finds Bully Pulpit, Few Resources in St. Louis
Killing Persists in Rwanda Despite Cease-Fire Efforts
The Saga of Ford and Watergate
`Structure' Helped This Student to Achieve
Rapport Between Artist and Object
US Aid to Africa Assessed, A Wider Focus Is Sought
Turkey Treats Kurds Fairly
Poetry's potency

Level of Pesticides On Food Is Safe, Federal Report Says
Bosnian Serbs Reach, Then Breach Pact on Halting Gorazde Siege
Companies Recognized For Leadership Roles
Twin Cities Sing Pro-Sports Blues As a Second Team Threatens to Leave
Branch Davidian Survivors Chide Feds
Havana Meeting Divides Cubans in Miami
Hawaii state workers strike
For These Children, School Is Looking Up
A New-Old Experiment In Separating Girls, Boys In Schools
`Politics as Usual' in Japan Must Not Derail Reform
Russia Takes High Profile in Diplomacy
Kazakhs Arrest Writer, Raising Ethnic Tension
Israel and Jordan Scuffle Over Islamist Groups
X-Rays of Van Gogh Paintings Reveal More Art Underneath
EPA Mandate Could Make Or Break Ethanol Industry
S. Africans Make Peace Gestures
Rwanda's Tragedy Plays Out in War-Torn Capital
Turkey Treats Kurds Fairly
With an Uncertain Home Market, US Investors Look Across the Sea
US Brinkmanship Over MFN Won't Bring Progress to China
Fan Saves Mansion With Jane Austen Ties