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Monitor Archive for April 11, 1994

Samurai Politics

Environmental Front Moves Ahead Slowly
Relative Facts, Absolute Opinions
British growth robust, report says
Bouguereau's Sentimental Canvas
Breaux's Way to Shape Health-Care Bill
Details of Palestinian Self-Rule Unresolved
Investors Stay Alert To New Dips in Markets
Space-Based View of the Environment Gets Under Way
`704 Hauser' Gives Archie Bunker Insight
`Cleansing' Of Muslims Under Way Inside Serbia

Education Reform: It's Just What Other Schools Need
Superb British Cast Of `Medea' Brings Tragedy to Vivid Life
One-Stop Help for Urban Children, Parents
Aristide Chides US, UN for Limited Acts to Oust Army
`Three Strikes' Law Is Political Fool's Gold
Spring Serenade in Pink
Hosokawa's Reform Thrust Likely to Survive
Remembering D-Day 50 Years Later
Listening to Yourself, Or to God?
Information Highway Benefits Businesses
Economic Anxiety, Whitewater Cast a Pall on Americans' Mood
Spielberg's Holocaust Film Stirs Controversy Abroad
Americans Are Saving Too Little for Retirement
A Jobs-Seeking US Tries To Ease Trade Sanctions
Goals 2000 Act Broadens Federal Role
Perry's Blunt Remarks Muddle Bosnia Policy
Government, ANC Reach End of Road With Inkatha's Buthelezi
Rwandan Rebels Advance on Capital
Germany's Social Democrats Try to Shake a Leftist Legacy
Drop in Canadian Dollar Reflects Budget Concern
French Youths Serve Warning
On the Streets of Tokyo, Hosokawa's Departure Is Greeted With Resignation
Information Highway Benefits Businesses
Environmentalists Still Swimming Upstream in Effort to Save Salmon
Midwest Farmers' Plight
Kuralt Goes Off the Road, Sees Progress on the Way