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Monitor Archive for March 8, 1994

Church of England Set to Ordain Women
Author's Tall-Tale Novellas Push Envelope of the Plausible
Grieving Over a Pet?
Max and the Mysterious Lights
Racial Code in High School: Tolerance, Not Integration
`Rosie' Springs From Page to Stage
Census Says Americans Learn More, Earn Less
Mending Childhoods Torn Apart by War
European Union Restarts Talks With Norway
Bond Market Anticipates Calm After Last Week's Turmoil
Bosnian Serbs Block Aid and Shell Town
TV, Ad Execs `Discover' Minorities
South Africans Line Up for Election As Political Resistance Splinters
Answering China's Snub
Chance of Trade War With Japan Overblown, Says Trade Official
Look Beyond the Spyglass View of Russia

Just What Are Those Lights in the Sky?
Daltrey's All-Star Show Celebrates The Who
New Toxic Air Emission Rules Win Praise
Books, news, entertainment merge
TV Networks Blind To Role Religion Plays in the US, Major Study Says
If Azerbaijan Talks Peace Armenia Will Listen
Look Beyond the Spyglass View of Russia
US Companies Double Spending On Computers - and It Pays Off
A cappella group no stranger to US
Israel Forced to Rein In Extremists After Hebron
US Book Industry Learns a New Language
Clinton's Trade Tactics Taken To Task, Home and Abroad
Atlanta Hawks' Lenny Wilkens Closes In on Auerbach Record
Look Beyond the Spyglass View of Russia
Save the Children Digs In With Its United States Roots
Clinton Wavers on the Ethics High Wire
New Muslim- Croat Alliance Nurtures Security
Haiti Needs Peace Soon
Research Shuttle Flight Tries Out a New Arm
Is US Closer to Rewarding Serb `Ethnic Cleansing'?
Broadway Revival Of `Damn Yankees' Drives Poor Bargain