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Monitor Archive for March 31, 1994

Home Building
Chef Stirs Creole, Cajun Pot With Creativity
Researchers Assert Girls Get Shortchanged in Class
Dicey Days for River Gambling
Global Agreement Cuts Aluminum Glut, Boosts Prices
South African Conflict Saps Power to Govern
Reform Critics Band In Russian Parliament To Counter Yeltsin
Sullivan Principles Take 2: New Rules for South Africa
Drugmakers high on pricing

Ultranationalist Zhirinovsky Resists Joining Opposition Bloc
Thousands of Jobs at Stake in Mining Reforms
PRI Presidential Candidate Untested in Mexico Politics
Actor Hugh Grant Charms US Moviegoers on Three Screens
US May Delink Chinese Rights and Trade
More Aid for Juvenile Criminals
Avedon Restrospective: A Study in Perspective
Farmers Count on Bumper Harvest To Recoup Losses
Mfengu Land Settlement Sets Precedent in South Africa
Nothing Sheepish About Australia's Wool Industry
This Week on `Dallas': Jimmy, Jerry Split
UN and Somalia Still Have Much to Learn
Low Prices Cheer Consumers, but Oil, Gas Firms Plead for Help
Familiar Staple Spam Passes 5 Billion Sold
The Young And the Indebted
Are Mandatory Reductions Fair?
Critics Worry About Gambling Consequences in New England
VW Guru Predicts Quick Turnaround for Carmaker
Progress on Rights Boosts Guatemala's Hopes for Peace
Public Weariness of Whitewater May Start to Help Clinton
Rack of Lamb With Creole Mustard Crust, Rosemary Jus,and Apple Mint Relish
Bill Walton's Book Teems With Basketball
Keep an Eye on HDTV
More Aid for Juvenile Criminals
The Beauty of Paradox and Balance
Israel's Behavior