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Monitor Archive for March 3, 1994

Doin' What Comes Natcherly
Balanced-Budget Amendment Axed By Senate, Heads to House
Trust Us to Deal With Criminal Youth, Contend Juvenile-Court Judges
`The Blue Kite' Won't Fly in Red China
Rabin Assents to Aid Office, not Protection
Poetry in Motion
Canadian Newspaper Baron Finally Gets His US Flagship
Despite Pretension, Grammys Keep Humor in Awards Show
Change, and Hype, Hit Telecommunications
Prayer, Gratitude, And Healing
Flavored Olive Oil
Reno Takes New Tack on Youth Violence
Rival Black Leaders Ease Bitter Rivalry
Once and Future Role Models
Californians Wonder Whether A `Three Strikes' Anticrime Law Is Worth Price
Asia's Lucrative Challenge For US Small Businesses
Armenians, Azeris Agree to Russian-Brokered Cease-Fire
A Little Respect, Big Results
Hong Kong Faces a More Chinese Future
Interstate Banking to Be Eased With Plan for Interstate Branching
Court to Decide if Suits Can Stop Base Closings
US and Russian Diplomacy Revives Bosnia Peace Prospects
Reappraising Russia
Actress's Life Lessons Evoke Poignant Performance
A Well-Oiled Glossary
China Makes Concessions in US Talks In a Bid to Maintain Its Trade Status

Chiapas Peasants Reclaim Land They Say Was Stolen By Ranchers
Olive Oil Branches Out
Giouvetsi (Roast Lamb with Orzo)
Ames Spy Case: Don't Blame the Russians
Inside Germany
Movements Rooted in Ritual
House Stalls Voting to Help Ailing Member
Timeless Worlds on Paper
US Market Watchers Announce the Arrival Of the Correction