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Monitor Archive for March 1, 1994

The World According to Keynes
In the Company of Lambs
Have Mobile Phone, Will Oppose Mideast Peace
When Uncle Sam's Budgeteers Go After Middle Managers
Namibian Sovereignty Complete as S. Africa Withdraws From Port
Sanvita Program Promotes Breast-Feeding by Mothers
Closing Ceremonies Point to New Games
N.Y. Mayor: Hands-On and Aiming at Crime
Californians Tussle Over Immigrant Impact Figures
Albee's Latest, Plus Card Tricks
Belize Bound - Sans Iguana
China's Boom Creates a US Trade Dilemma
Should Congress play TV cop?
How the Jason Broadcasts Will Be Transmitted From Belize
Spring in Tennessee
`Just Say No' Falls Short of Curbing Drug Use
Performers Who Cast Tall Shadows
Telepresence Takes Students To Exotic Lands
Clinton's environmental legacy
From Moscow's View, US Seems to Miss Cold War
Clinton Aims to Win Seniors Back
Libel Case Over Book Review Troubles Publishers
The Pent-Up Anger of Israeli Arabs Explodes in Widespread Protests
NATO's First Use
`Just Say No' Falls Short of Curbing Drug Use
Valuing low-skill occupations
NATO Air Attack Was Unavoidable, Clinton Says
Cable Cuts Have Everyone Questioning the Benefits
You Have a Purpose!
NATO Aircraft Down Four Jets Over Bosnia In First Military Action
Press Should Be Tough, but Fair, With Public Officials
Arab countries halt talks
EU Members Scratch Their Heads: `Who Wouldn't Want to Join Us?'
Small-Scale `Calendar' Proves Lively, Poignant
Texas Officials Step Up Crackdown On Ku Klux Klan Intimidation Acts
Talk About Settlements
India to sell more state-owned firms

In One Studio, the Sound of Tinkling Grammys
Companies Sing and Dance At New Interest in the Arts