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Monitor Archive for February 9, 1994

To a Seventh-Grade Class
Nicaragua Government Promises To Help the `Forgotten' Peasants
Germany's Past Keeps Bonn From Larger World Role
S. Africa's National Party Courts Black Vote
Haitian Military Tightens Its Grip
Cutting Racism's Roots
Jews and Christians Discuss Ethics At Worldwide Meeting in Jerusalem
Maverick Cinema Survives at Sundance
Greece Wants to Be European
Out of Spotlight, L.A. Still Hurts
Fledgling Democracies Perishing at West's Peril
See Africa's Wildlife While You Can
US, as Well as China, Exports Prison Goods
Clinton Budget Aims to Set a Tone Of Restraint and Clear Priorities
On the Verge of Peace Talks, Mexican Government Shifts Tactics on Chiapas Rebels
Landlords under fire
Serbs Squeeze Out Hungarian Culture
Electronic Organizer Helps Sort It All Out

New York Mayor Braces for Reaction to His Layoff Plan
Serbs Squeeze Out Hungarian Culture
Socialists Take Early Lead in Hungary's Election Campaign
Russians brace for higher inflation
Ukraine Looks to US For Substance Behind The Security Pledge
NATO Airstrikes in Bosnia Still a Threat, Not a Reality
Angry French Fishermen Trash Supermarket Fish
Crash-Avoidance Radar for Tomorrow's Cars
L.A. Quake Forces Tourist Officials to Sell The City Again
Softwaremakers Put Energy in Growing `Multimedia' Market
Israeli smugglers hit by lower taxes
Norway Welcomes the World
Discovery Expands US, Russian Cooperation in Space Exploration
Mexicans Take to New Toll Roads, Holding Tight to Their Wallets
Turkey and Bosnia Agree to Rebuild Historic Landmark
Forgiveness Heals
Vietnamese and Americans Build Bridges With Art