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Monitor Archive for February 3, 1994

H-II Rocket to Showcase Japanese Expertise
Earthquake Relief Speeds On Fast Track in Congress
US Is Under Pressure to Ask if Justice Was Done in Case Against Native American
Investors pump up Australian market
Gerry Adams's 48 Hours
Budget Cuts Trim Russian TV Broadcasts
Moynihan Casts A Long Shadow On Health Plan
Italian Leftists Form Pact As March Vote Draws Closer

Former ANC Self-Defense Units Threaten South Africa's Future
In a Land Where Skiing Is Sports The US Once Claimed Victory
Possessed by Possessions
Third-World Challenges
Wild-Mushroom Saute
`No Man's Land' Repels Attempts To Find Meaning
US Firms in Hanoi Hail News on Embargo
Order and Disorder, Nature and Culture
Voters Sink Casino-Boat Proposal
Rival Air Carriers Closely Watch United's Employee-Ownership Plan
One Blast After Another
After Years of Decline, Drug Use By Youth Again on the Rise
Clinton Seeks to Avoid Guinier Flap With Civil Rights Pick
Spring Couture Glides Into Elegance
Voters Sink Casino-Boat Proposal
US Bid to Test Missiles Tries Canadian Chief
Musings of a Snow-Shoveling Mom
US Leading Indicators Predict Continued Growth
America Goes Wild for Mushrooms
Insurers Insist They Are Unruffled By Last Year's String of Calamities
Our Refuge Is in God
An Insider's Look at Radio and TV
Big States Want US to Pay Costs Of Illegal Aliens
Army Replaces Riot Police In Bid to Restore Local Trust
Third-World Peacekeepers Face Larger Role as US Quits Somalia
No More Freebies for Congress
Serbia Forces Refugees To Fight in Bosnian War
Reticence in Foreign Affairs
Mandela, De Klerk Must Win Investors
Corporations in Backdrop Of Kerrigan-Harding Story