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Monitor Archive for February 24, 1994

Parliament in Russia Pardons 1991 Coup Plotters, 1993 Rebels
Arrest of a CIA Chief for Spying Spurs Calls for Agency Revamp
Post-Cold-War Spying
Federal Reserve Chief Shows His Policy Independence

Winter Whispers
China Spurs Asia Economies But Challenges Still Remain
High-Tech Clothes Help Cheat the Deep Freeze
Pentagon Lawyer to Be No. 2 at Justice Dept.
Child Care - A Double Standard
New Schnittke Symphonies, And Hopes of More to Come
A Human Rights Challenge Next Door
Russia Urges the US To Try to Stay Calm About CIA Spy Case
A Teenager Reaches Out
A Visitor's Olympic Impressions
Some Serb Guns Remain Within Safe Zone
Riley's Rulebook
FCC Reins In Cable TV Rates
Winter Whispers
Players Gather Under One Roof
Winter Whispers
Trying to Fix Holes in the Sky
Midwest cities rank highest in listing of best charity-givers
Storm woes in South
Anti-Tobacco Activists Make Gains, Arguing the Need to Protect Youths
Lessen Dependence on All Types of Drugs
Norway's White Olympics Go Green
Lessen Dependence on All Types of Drugs
Nordic Nibbling Fares Well as Spectator Sport
Australians Could Learn From Kiwi Treaty
The Freedom of the Leaves
Human Rights Case in Peru Comes to Controversial Close
G-7 meet on Russia
Winter Whispers
Vafler Med Sur Flote (Sour-Cream Waffles) and Byggmelsvafler (Barley Waffles)
The weekend comes early in Pakistan
Liberal Government Vows To Cut Deficit, Create Jobs
Great Powers Work To Repeat Strategy Used in Sarajevo
How Cable-Rate Cuts Were Received in Rural America
Latin America's Path of Economic Reform