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Monitor Archive for February 23, 1994

Drama Overcomes Figure Skating
Legislation in the Fast Lane
Gamma-Ray Satellite Now Orbits Safely in Space
Mexico Rebels, Government Meet in the Name of Peace
Techno-Speak - By Any Other Name

Clinton Team Weighs Next Steps in Bosnia
Hearty Ottawans Don Snowshoes and Skates To Throw a Winter Party
Optimism in Anxious Times
Russia's Return Rankles Europe
Albania and Thailand Rated `Partly Free'
More Prisons Not a Cure To Crime, Experts Say
UNHCR Observes African Repatriation Efforts
Third-World Groups Help Poor Help Themselves
Too Much Merging?
Washington State Program Aims to Send Clear Messages to Teen Offenders
Haiti's Democratic Dreams
Utah Industrialist Aids Armenia With Support From Iran
US Looks to Partners To Preserve Its Edge In `Big Science'
Sydney dockworkers strike
Firms Find Effective Way To Detect Drug Use: Hair
Bosnia and `Realism'
As Youth Crime Rises, so Do Reform Ideas
Standing up for Oregon

Church of England Admits Women as Priests
Former Colonies Drift From France
The Fanfare of Rebellion
Albania and Thailand Rated `Partly Free'
Israeli teachers are truant
Doubts from Dole on Bosnia
Gay-Rights Dispute May Bring Down Major's Crime Bill
Russian Leaders Exult In Restoring the State To `Great Power' Status
Swiss put up another border
Showy Designs Sport Style With an Australian Accent
Worry Rises Over Enduring Afghan Impasse
Protection From Witchcraft
US Targets World's Emerging Markets for Business
Costa Rica's Economy Bears Fruit of Ten Years of `Structural Adjustment'
Interest Rate Upturn Makes Markets Edgy
Inkatha, Right Reject Deal
Poor Pinched to Pay Energy Bills This Winter As States, US Cut Aid
Regulate Guns as a Risk Item, Group Says