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Monitor Archive for February 16, 1994

The Mac Is the Message
US Consultant Aims to Boost Black-Held Firms in S. Africa
President Triples Aid To Ex-Soviet State
One Italian Minister Wages War Against an Arrogant Bureaucracy
Clinton plan
Bosnia Serbs Try to Avert Airstrikes By Splitting UN, NATO
Good Faith in Chiapas
US threatens sanctions on Japan
NASA's Budget Gyros
Britain's Major Is in the Mire as Ethics Campaign Stumbles
Leaping Into Lillehammer
Games `Welcome Mat' Shrinks
A Brief Introduction To Figure-Skating Moves
Solid Job Growth Forecast for Next Two Years
Navy chief tries to defend himself in Tailhook ruling
Charming Rebel Snares Mexican Imagination
Call for Zulu Kingdom Raises Ante in South Africa
Krugerrand's rise mirrors uncertainty
Privacy and Connections
Chafee plan

San Antonio
Converting Nuclear Weapons Into Energy
Heartbreak in Olympic Big Top
Cooper plan
Too Many Mistakes Mar 11th-Hour Show Of Western Resolve
Carnival! A Time When German Dissent Shines
The Truth About Bombing in Bosnia
Michel plan
Converting Nuclear Weapons Into Energy

Support for The Peacemakers
Japan Warns United States, Then Offers New Summit
Germany's Metalworkers To Revive Warning Strikes
More Snow Brings Out the Best In Winter Sports and Norwegians
Aboriginal Prints Portray Sacred Stories
Poland's New Governing Coalition Bickers Over Budget and Reforms
Australian dockers walk off the job
As Computers Proliferate, So Does Potential for Bugs
Alaskan Skiing Gave Lift to Olympic Champ
NASA Aims for Mars `On the Cheap'
Clinton Gives Breeder Reactor Ax, Many Scientists Lined Up Against It
Dueling Health Plans
City's Chinese Papers Fight a Press War
Casting Call For Aspiring Tonyas, Nancys