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Monitor Archive for February 10, 1994

Multiracial Commission To Monitor S. African Vote
Seattle Shipments Hint at Trade Imbalance
Embattled Los Angeles Now Fights Mud Flows
Mattress Test for Defense Policy
Market Swims Back From Dive Following Interest Rate Hike
Taking an Informal `Pole' On Waving Your Own Flag
More Schools Mix ABC's With Tooling for a Trade
Congress Balks At Tide of Red Ink In Clinton Budget
True Individuality
Transit's Share of the Budget
West Bank Bedouins Are Displaced, Again, By Israeli Settlements
Who's Running Russia?
Can a Little Sushi Help Seal a Deal?
Small Semiconductor Company Makes Mark With Memory Chips
Romancing the Valentine in Napa Valley
White Chocolate Pot de Creme
New Steps for Tchaikovsky
Energy Cost Will Rise As Economy Recovers
Triple Mirror Images In Black and White
With Rise in Teen Drugs, Experts Begin to Ask Why
No More Hide and Seek in North Korea
ABC Launches `Wide World Of Sports' for Wide-Eyed Kids
Californians Talk Tough on Crime
A Military Solution To Prison Spillover
NATO Nears Accord On Serb Ultimatum
Texas Trial, Texan Style
Clinton Takes `Show Me' Stance On Trade
The US Sees Need for Fairer Auto Export Policy to Japan
Energy Cost Will Rise As Economy Recovers
Love, Violence, and The Quest for Gold
East Asian Security Without Superpowers