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Monitor Archive for December 5, 1994

After Recount In Alaska Knowles Is Governor
Russia's Outlaw Republic Readies for Guerrilla War
Hubbell Plea Could Hurt Clinton, D'Amato Says
The Fraying of a Fragile Peace: Israel and PLO Torn by Factions
High School Inclusion Yields Mixed Results
Quebec Leader's Illness To Slow Separatists' Fight

Lebanon Leader Will Walk, But Not Talk
Northwest Is a Back Door To Trade With Russia
Child Custody: Solomon's Solution
Terry Anderson Tries To Elude His Captive Past
Woes of Public Broadcasting
Public Radio's Future Depends On Government and Listeners
UMass Banking on Basketball
Banks and Business Search for New Ways To Fight Check Fraud
Saying `Yes' to GATT
The Boa Constrictor Was Lord of the Bath
The Active Art of Miquel Barcelo
Men Not at Work
GATT Is a Threat To US Sovereignty
New Preservation Approach Aims to Save Cultural Landscape
GOP Wants to Trim Taxes, But Critics Ask If US Can Afford It
Taiwan Voters Show A Mixed Willingness To Anger Beijing
Why Trade Pact Goes Down Uneasily in Easley, S.C.
How One Community Acted To Save Music Education
A Scientist Recalls His Life's Passion
Surging Economy Heightens Concern Of New Rate Hike
Texas, Seeking Budget Cut, To Deport Foreign Inmates
In Era of GOP, Is There Any Left Left?
Cities Rethink Public Subsidies for Sports
How Should the Disabled Be Educated?