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Monitor Archive for December 19, 1994

Carter Enters Bosnia Fray As West Holds Its Breath
World Businessmen View Investments As Key to Irish Peace
Program to Boost Duck Populations Sits in Sights of GOP-Led Congress
One Woman's Search For Shopping Success
Why Clinton, Congress Face Daunting Task Shrinking Washington
Equal Treatment For So-Different Siblings
The Tax-Cut Derby
Summits Bring Positive Press And Profits to Host Cities
GOP Set to Push Through Cut in Capital Gains Tax
NATO's Failure to Act Against the Serbs
Freely Give!
African Women Caught Between New Laws and Social Traditions
US-Russia Take Small Step Toward Giant Leap Forward In Joint Ventures in Space
Liberate C-SPAN
The Crises in Rwanda and Burundi Are Not Over Yet
Red to White: Ex-Communists Taught Democracy 101
GOP Freshmen in House Carry the Clout of Seniors

US, N. Korea Clash Over Helicopter Pilots
Boston Program Gives Young Irish Job Training and a New Outlook
What Divides Russians, Chechens
Amtrak's Lament: 'I Think I Can't, I Think I Can't'
Race for President Heats Up in Peru With Fujimori Ahead
Women Flee To the Border As Men Fight In Chechnya
Balkan Refugees Flood Croatia
Bearing Witness to the Bomb
Christmas Carol,' 'Slavs!' Fall Short in New York