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Monitor Archive for December 16, 1994

The Man Who Brought Birds to the Masses
Chicago Native Adds Flourish To Harpsichord Renaissance
Metzenbaum's Senate Finale
Religion in Schools: a Line Not to Be Crossed
Mexicans at Christmas Trade Manger Scenes For Live Evergreens
Economist Rejects Budget Body's Gloom
Western Leaders Wary Of Bosnian Serb Pitch To Ex-President Carter
WWII's Battle of the Bulge Tested Democracy's Resolve
Orange County Debt Squeeze Felt From Precinct to Classroom
Bright-Light Christmas Traditions
How Friendly Folk Forget Small-Town Ways
It's Back... Deficit Still Stalks Capital
A Future on Track
Airlines Face Stricter Safety Rules, Bad Publicity, and Cut in Profits
Keeping up with today's youths
Oregon Blazes the Trail Toward New Federalism
TV's Varied Versions Of the Civil War: Is It the Same Event?
The line-item veto more efficient
Telling Basketball's Ever-New Story
Religion in Schools: a Line Not to Be Crossed

Putting Children First
As Chechens Go, So Goes Yeltsin
Entitlements Group Disbands, Unresolved
The Real Christmas Gift
Yeltsin's Chechen Predicament Is a Threat to Reformist Goals
December Quiet
Strong Roles for Women Both Onscreen and Off
A SACK OF TRACKS Boxed Sets to Unwrap
End of Japan's Recession Is Seen but Not Yet Felt
Celtics `Institution' Acts As Time Line for Pro Ball
Serb Leader's U-Turn On the War in Bosnia Is Only Temporary
Parallels of Peace: Middle East and S. Africa
Amtrak eliminates routes to cut costs
US Treasury Considers Dropping The `Floor' From Savings Bonds
Credit-Card Issuers Up Account Limits at Holidays