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Monitor Archive for November 30, 1994

An island of stability in strife-filled Africa
NATO, Balkanized
Russia Threatens a Splinter State
No Unknown God
Free Trade With the Americas
Gringos glance southward to cement regional trade with eager Latin neighbors
Shrub-Chomping Deer Need State Control
Washington's Kennedy Center showers honor on five performers
One Major Change: Women's Right to Land
Malian singer holds his hand out to other cultures
Closing the door on the poor
Norway's `No' Vote
World cars: One model fits buyers everywhere
Turning the Darkness Into Day
Spanish literature prize goes to Peruvian novelist
The greening of Eritrea: famine unlikely to recur
Shrub-Chomping Deer Need State Control
Italian Premier Bounces Back From the Brink
Western Investors Hunger for Chunk of Russian Chocolate Firm
A Widening Transatlantic Rift
The Rising Tide of Human Smuggling
Party Brethren Cajole Friends, Eye Top Posts On Capitol Hill
High Court to Review Legality of Mandatory School Drug Tests
In Wake of Mozambique War: Learning Forgiveness
Made-in-US Japanese Autos Exceed Imports

As Bihac Falls, So Does US Policy Of Supporting Bosnian Muslims
Arab shopkeepers peer out at an embattled city
US groups rally to support Haitian women
Mexico's Green, White, and Red Flag - a Partisan Symbol
Life in Hebron's cage of security
Their Father's Tools