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Monitor Archive for November 16, 1994

Countering Harsh Theological Views
The Push for Welfare Reform
How a local boy became a suspected war criminal
A caring mother gives a home to Chinese orphans
How to make a flat Earth
A wide-angle view of families of the world
Poll results spell out voter distaste for taxes - the rest is commentary
Retailers in land of rising sums discover discounting is profitable
Pollution battle at Taj Mahal
Russian Oil Spill Leaves Stain on Economic Reform Efforts
New Manager for the Manger
Opening the docket: trials of a war tribunal
The Last Leaf
World Trend: Voters Reject Incumbents
Japan fine tunes cable TV regulations to spur industry growth
Four Votes Separate Victor, Vanquished In Conneticut Race
Leaky Oil Pipelines Need Closer Attention
Credit for a Poor Jamaican
Protection of World's Young: Clocking Out on Child Labor
North Korea's Peaceful Deal
APEC's Grand Plans
PDS heads East Berlin government
Free Trade With an Asian Flair: The Key Word Is `Nonbinding'
Canada strives to protect land
North Korea's Peaceful Deal

Wake Up on Rwanda
`Morphing' Karate Teens Provoke Parental Parry of Television Violence