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Monitor Archive for January 24, 1994

US Looks at Germany's Example in Recycling Computers
Independence Without Chaos
For Californians, Every Day Brings New Tests of Resilience, Ingenuity
UN Inquiry to Address Germany's Rights Record
Too Much Delay In Trial of `Delay'?
Serb-Croat Pact Puts Pressure on Bosnian Muslims
Far From the World, Snug in a Hut
Whitewater Special Prosecutor Aims for Quick Investigation
Boston Mayor Outlines His Vision for the City
Cultural Quotas
Funeral for Syrian Leader's Son Held On Saturday
Arms Control vs. Saving Jobs

Engineered Lumber Rivals Standard Beams
Cradlesongs and Tales of Human Resilience
Up Next: a Big Year for Congress As Health, Welfare, Crime Crowd Agenda
Vietnam Aims to Increase Foreign Investment
ANC Economic Plan Draws Fire From South African Businesses
Californians Wary of Tax Hikes To Fund Earthquake Recovery
University President Bows Out of Race for Bay State Governor
Women's Married Names: A Centuries-Old Debate
Sun Almost Sets On Japan's Drive To Reform Its Politics
Mexico Bishop at Center of Crisis
Libraries Vie for Writers' Treasure or Trash
Spiritual Progress-Today and Tomorrow
What's in a Surname? Unity, Individuality, And Political Correctness
Naval Academy Scandal
Stock Market In Indonesia Enjoys Lively Foreign Sales
Britain Mulls Withdrawing Its Peacekeepers in Bosnia
Collector's Item: Album Art
Groups Call For Better Way To Aid Refugee Children
As Mideast Talks Resume, Syrians Take Center Stage
Military's Hummer Shifts to Civilian Market
The ANC's List of Candidates Contains Some Surprises
China and the Test Ban: Clinton's Dilemma
`King' Bush and His Critical Court