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Monitor Archive for January 18, 1994

Religion In Pamphlet Form?
Winter on the Grates
Clinton Conveys Deep US Commitment to Europe
Rain, Flames, And the Comfort of Home
Clinton in Moscow
Mainline Churches Hit by Denominational Switching
Hubble Back in Focus: First Pictures After Repair Look Sharp
Famous Plastic Containers Enter New Lives - in Museums
Somali Factions Are Far From Agreement
US, China Reach Trade Agreement on Textiles
A Bills Football Fan Who Won't Be Buffaloed
Syria Leader Willing To Consider `Normal' Relations With Israel
Couches, Chairs, Tables, Lamps: Consumers Are Buying Once More
Solutions That Can Change Society
A Long Shadow Falls on Skating
Dictator Helped Make Chile Prosperous
Tragic Tales From Brownsville, N.Y.
Whitewater Tracked Clinton In Europe, Taking Some of the Glitter Off Major Trip
Expanding NAFTA
UN Is Forced to Rethink Peacekeeping Missions
Private Enterprise: The Way to Win Vietnam
The Balance Between Food and People Has Become Threatened
Black Leaders Say Clinton Not Pushing Civil Rights
Self-Taught Builders Lead US Into `Golden Age'
Guitarmaker Discovers A Key to His Craft
Back in My Childhood Bedroom
Major's `Back to Basics' Runs Afoul of Scandal
Dictator Helped Make Chile Prosperous

Baseball Owners Talk About New Revenue Deal
Earthquake Hits Los Angeles, Causes Severe Damage
A Program of Promise That Really Delivers
Gaidar's Resignation Signals Russian Shift To Slower Reform
Sign Human Rights Treaties
The GOP Looks for a Winner
Senators Tell Why They Finally Lined Up Against Clinton
Digital Phone Service Is Next Step Along Information Highway
Garbage Makes Its Way to Supreme Court
De Klerk and Zulu King Meet On Key Issues of Land, Monarchy
Skating Loses Innocence With Attack on Kerrigan