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Monitor Archive for January 14, 1994

Whitewater's Shoals
Helen Frankenthaler: Juggler of Images, Colors, Textures
Just observing?
Czechs Applaud the `Approachable' American President
In Moscow, Clinton Backs Reform Plan With Safety Net
Clinton's Comments Make Waves in Moscow
The Language of Soft Sounds
Many in N. Somalia Oppose Secession
Apple Hopes New `PowerPC' Will Be the Next Macintosh
US to Resume Its `Rightful' Role in Peace Process
When Clinton Meets Assad
Tug of War With a Boat Isn't Easy
`Government Inspector' Misfires

UPI to Distribute Monitor Stories in Latin America
New Market, Old Rivalry
HUD Moves to Integrate Housing Project in Texas
New Era Dawns for Japan's Parliament
Love: The Key To Racial Harmony
In Geneva, Clinton Will Try to Break A Mideast Deadlock
Proliferating Zebra Mussels Cost US Industry Billions of Dollars
Figuring Out Exactly Why Nonviolence Works - Or Fails
Many in N. Somalia Oppose Secession
Zapatista Movement Has Long History, Indigenous Roots
`Monty' Makes a Point About TV's Stance
Oregon's Plan May Sway Clinton Reforms, State Vote
HUD Seeks National Input For Federal Homeless Plan
Clinton Visit Is `Reward' for Belarus
How `People Power' Can Triumph Over Military Might
On the Road With Logging's Two-Sleds
Lawyers' Alert! Outsiders Line Up to Challenge Congressional Incumbents
A Corporate Art Framework
Republican Chairman Says Clinton Lost Credibility
Texas Looks to State for High-Speed Rail Funding
Clinton in Europe
Will Keynes Return By Popular Demand?
Slower, Solo Views of Africa's Game
Out of Hiding, Antiwar Radical Continues Crusade
Trade Nomination Raises `Revolving Door' Issue
Which Firms Will Be Founts of New Jobs?
Eat plants
Whitewater: the Insiders Game