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Monitor Archive for September 7, 1993

On the Next Train to the Museum
World Stock Markets Discover New Highs
Division Within UN Ranks Proves Fatal in Somalia
Investors Pour Money Into Milan Market
A Warning to Americans About Their Urban Planning
ANC Criticized on Call for Reviewing Apartheid Abuses
As Students Return to Class, Los Angeles School District Faces a Make-or-Break Crisis

PLO Aims for Mutual Recognition Along With Autonomy Agreement
Japan's Market Hits 1993 Peak, But Awaits Signs of Economic Recovery
Mike Leigh Calls It as He Sees It
TV Violence - What We Know but Ignore
Reservations remain on budget
Coal Miners' Strike Takes Its Toll
Clinton Clings to Support
Digging Up the Facts About New York's Subway System
A New Work Ethic
More than just mud
Black Sea Fleet Pact Starts to Sink
Trading Mood Turns `Bouncy'
Cowboys Mend Football Fence
Krakow Tries to Save Its Past
Silencing The Trash-Talker!
US Foreign-Aid Balloon Leaks
Mississippi Flooding Leaves a Toxic Legacy: Pollution in Gulf of Mexico
Oil Reserves Do Not Spring Eternal
PLO Gains Support for Deal From Arabs - and Money, Too
As Bosnia Talks Stand Still, So Does Aid
Oil Reserves Do Not Spring Eternal
Clinton's Task: to Knit Congressional Alliances
Welcome to the Dolphin's Underwater World
Stimulus Package Redux
Plunging Into `seaQuest'
Chicago, N.Y. School Starts Are Delayed
European Markets Follow US Pattern