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Monitor Archive for September 27, 1993

Amid Political Tumult in Moscow, Yeltsin Forges CIS Economic Union
Rejected and Dejected, China Tries to Rebound
Patience And Obedience
Slow Growth and Massive Layoffs Stymie Meeting of Top Financiers
Assist Displaced Workers
Wither [sic] The Supreme Court?
Insecure Nations Will Want Nukes
The Painting of the Underground Railroad
Beacon for Homeless

Downsizing Wave Rolls Forward at US Firms
Balkan puzzle in disarray
East Asia's Economic Model Is No Miracle, Study Shows
Clinton, at UN, Will Outline `Enlargement' Foreign Policy
Clinton Health Plan Sparks Numbers Flap
Environmental Laws Constrain Landowners
Finding the Way Around Campus - After 25 Years
Turkey and NATO
N. Ireland Parties Reach Agreement To Halt Terrorism
Getting the Part - 50 Years Later
Target Health-Care Reform
Japan Lifts Ban On Rice Imports
Californians Voice Concerns About Care
Insecure Nations Will Want Nukes
Mandela Cites Secret ANC, Afrikaner Talks
Yeltsin's Victory Seems Complete
NAFTA Appeals Ruling Gives Clinton Team Boost
Tribal Clashes in Kenya Continue
Low Dividend Yields, High Stock Prices Feed the Bears
South Africa's Progress
A High School `Super League'
Sydney Takes a Gold In Dash for Olympics
City Megaplex Is Touted As Key to Boston's Revival
US Should Halt Aid To Nicaragua
Savoring Middle East's Ironies