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Monitor Archive for August 5, 1993

As US Door Slams Shut, Iraq Tries Mending Fences With Neighbors
Town Enlists Flood-Against-Flood Strategy
Budget Puts President In `Perils of Pauline' Jam
The Tough Path to Prime Time

Haitian Senate Appears Engaged In Ploys to Delay Aristide's Return
Tax Credit Geared For Working Poor Stays in Budget Mix
Fleabites and Prayer
Do Ads Drive TV?
Hunting Wildlife In the Cross Hairs Of a Camera
On ListeningHDTo Yo Yo Ma on Tape
East Timor - Still Exploited, Persecuted
Nuclear Disarmament: It's Time to Try Again
Legal Spying Helps Companies Compete
Violence begets violence
Economic Reforms Give Boost to Yeltsin's Foes
NATO in Bosnia
Casting Off Ill-Fitting Labels
Joyce's `Finnegans Wake' Is Transformed Into Dance BYDavid Sterritt, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
A Touch of the Human
The 1 Percent Solution
Castro Risks Trouble by Courting the Yankee Dollar
Legal Spying Helps Companies Compete
Chevrolet Aims At Comeback in America
Long BCCI Trial Comes Down to Finish Line
Behind the Student-Loan Deal
Japan Finally Apologizes For Abusing Korean Women
Pomme du Berry
Fruit or Veggie Salad - In a Glass
Finally, Families Get a Corporate Perk
Golden Rule Put to Work By Volunteers Who Assist Flood-Besieged Neighbors
Electoral Reform Is Approved in Italy - Now the Hard Part
Gore Report Will Seek Deeper Trims
O Canada. Ah, Summertime.
Final OK for NATO Airstrikes On Bosnia Is Said to Be Imminent
Camcorder-Toting `Rubberneckers' Come to Gawk at - and Film - the Flood