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Monitor Archive for August 4, 1993

Patterns for Living
Love Song for a Cuckoo Clock
Uffizi Moves Forward, Months After Bomb Blast
Voices From the `Great Migration'
Cyprus Desires End to Its Ethnic Divisions
Fighting to Keep Their Frontier
NATO Backs US Plan For Strikes in Bosnia
Second-Hand Discs
Not Just for Telling Time
Following The Pioneer Path
From Ashes of Tory Party Rise Britain's `Lib Dems'
Mozambican Peace Thrown Off Balance By Political Posturing
Thoughts on Buying A Personal Computer
Religious Emblems Find Unusual Niche
Serb Defiance Makes Case for NATO Airstrikes
Hard-Hit St. Louis Area Looks Beyond the Cleanup
It's Not Just for Flood Relief
Cyprus Desires End to Its Ethnic Divisions
Clinton Agonistes: Making a Majority
Mozambicans in the Spotlight
Eastern Emigrants - Western Dreams
Top Adviser Sees `Deceptive' Success
Given the Raspberries ...
ACLU Targeted in Tobacco-Money Flap
Stirrings in Egypt

Applegate Family Preserves Pioneer Legacy
The `Silent Killing Fields'
Rich Prospects Spur Caspian Sea Oil Plans