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Monitor Archive for August 17, 1993

Overcoming Prejudice
Chile Takes Major Steps Against Poverty
Hey! Hollywood Megahits Roll Down Streets of L.A. As 3-D Computer Graphics
Jane Campion Directs on Instinct
Boston Banks Argue That Bias Probe Damages Goal
Challenge for Lawyers
Europe Searches For New Means To Mend Union
Kenyan Officials Caught in Export, Bank Scams
Thin Side Agreements
Small Towns Honor Athletic Namesakes
Clinton Urges Bipartisan Approach on Health Care
Elizabeth Dole: Smashing the Glass Ceiling
Controversial day care
Time to Reconsider ERA
Bosnian Talks Start, But Sides Are Wary
Don't Roll the Dice on Our Future
Japan's Business to End Political Funding
It's Summertime, and the Courts Are Jumping in the City of Angels
Mother-Daughter Weeding Lessons
Once a Flagging Football Franchise, Dallas Cowboys Hit Top of League
Yosemite: Overused, Underfunded
Clinton's Budget Factor
Scientists Say Flood Waters Threaten Gulf
Don't Roll the Dice on Our Future
Creatures That Crawl, Jump, Wiggle, and Fly
Some Allege Mobutu Is Stirring Up Deadly Tribal Warfare in Zaire
NAFTA and US Automakers
White Beads of Corn and The Great Things of Life

Israeli Cosmetics Firm Puts New Face on Dead Sea Mud
Europe's Airlines Join Forces to Survive
The Glory and Passion of Water
Courtroom Hotline For Ethical Questions
In the Hands of Artist V. Balu, Waste Paper is Not Wasted
Heat and Drought Wither Farm Fields in New Jersey
Destruction of a Civilization
Dole Has Double Agenda In New Hampshire
Walesa Targets Gridlock Before Polish Elections