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Monitor Archive for July 8, 1993

Hostel Concept Spreads Understanding
You Don't Have To Feel Ill
A Rollicking Celebration
Poll of Perot Voters Finds No Move Back to Parties
Steamed Corn With Chinese Herb Sauce
Troubles for Manhattan, Mort, and the Real Estate Market
Many Voices In One Mouth
Russia Blamed in Georgian War
Terrorist Activity Puts City of London On Guard
Indians Gripped by Tale Of High-Level Corruption
`Means Testing' Grows As Fiscal-Planning Tool
Bosnian Leader Under Pressure To Negotiate
Jump-Starting GATT

Favorite Roads Of a Daybreak Ambler
When the Canvas Is an Empty Plate
Trouble in Florida's `River of Grass'
Upper Mississippi River Flooding Wreaks Costly Havoc in Midwest
NOW Discovers The Invisible Mother
Rebuild `Defenses of Peace' By Rejoining UNESCO
Report Will Say Thai Government Culpable In Fatal Factory Fire
Force as a `Last Resort'
In Japan, Clinton Takes His Case To the People
The Gatherers of Stories
Good News for Italy: A Labor Accord and Low Interest Rates
Warning: New Video Games May Contain Violence Too Graphic for Almost Anyone
A Statesman Looks Back
Some Calm Amid the Storm
Youth Hostels Now Host All Ages
A One-Sided Mideast Policy?
Myron Waldman: No Longer an Uncredited Animator
Ten Rounds of Mideast Talks Put Key Issues in Bold Relief
Time for Change at FBI
Spreading Democracy Around the Globe
Martin Jacobs: Painter Turned Award-Winning Food Photographer