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Monitor Archive for July 22, 1993

The Camera's Cold Eye
Avoiding Fiscal Floods of Red Ink
`Congeniality' Marks Ginsburg Court Hearings
Two Views of Egypt and Radical Islam
Hopeful Change for FBI
US Airlines Hope Commission's Proposals Fly in Washington
New FBI appointee
Despite Concerns, Germans Head to Somalia
In El Salvador, Rights Abuse Continues, Says UN Report
Pollster Sizes Up Clinton's Challenges
Our `Accidental' Motorist
Project Pinpoints `Giraffes' Who Work to Improve Society
Chilly Soups of Steamy Summer Days
Tax Breaks for Lobbying
Pair of Fine-Print Bill Provisions Vie for `Most Obscure' Honors
Diplomacy Can Help Somalia
NAFTA's Role in the Americas
An Impossible Task?
`Mother Nellie' Ministers to the Inner City
GOP Anticipates Senate Gains in '94
A Private Bank in Belgrade Funnels Money for Serbs Busting UN Trade Sanctions
Practicing the Art Of Guerrilla Goodness
Companies Learn to Help Employees With Families
Two Views of Egypt and Radical Islam
Diplomacy Can Help Somalia
Thorny Shakespeare Morality Play Comes To Central Park
Rushing River Takes Toll on Barge Traffic
UN in Somalia Caught In a Debate Over Force vs. Diplomacy
Small-Town Newspaperman Makes Good

Big-Power Rivalry in the Caucasus
In Maine, Self-Help for Women
Apparently the Dove
Rostenkowski's Troubles Could Tarnish Congress
Big Blue's Layoffs Bring Wave of Dislocation
Information Hot-Line for Befuddled Parents
Mississippi Hits Record Flood Crest After Rain