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Monitor Archive for July 14, 1993

Producer Prices Best in Two Years
A Bastille-Day Look at Troubled US-French Relations
Turkish Films Probe Modern Life and Urban Pressures
NAFTA and Environment
Canadian Economy Makes Positive Moves
States Buy Israeli Bonds, Stirring Up Controversy
Khmer Rouge Seeks Role In Government
China Pulls Hard on Reins To Slow Runaway Inflation
Hitchcock Work Resurfaces
Better Profits Buoy Banks as Competitors Pour on the Pressure
In Sudan, a `Famine Triangle'
Busy morning At The Farm & Ranch Building Supply
NP and ANC Have Different Histories
Tricky Maneuver in Space
Iraq's Bitter Alienation
Flood Prompts New Look At Federal Insurance Plans
Clinic Activists Mount A High-Tech Defense
NAFTA Boom Is Threatening Border Ecology
Humanitarian aid gets through
Small Northwest Businesses, Towns Hit Hard By Timber Compromise
Besieged Bosnia Raises Tough 21st-Century Question
Objects That Reflect an Era's Aesthetic
Pakistan's Sharif Suffers Setbacks Under Pressure From Opposition
No Clear Path for Yeltsin's New Constitution
UN Aid Efforts In Yugoslavia Verge on Collapse

NP and ANC Have Different Histories
Countering Baghdad
A Marriage Saved
Clinton Needs to Woo `Second Washington'
Diner Fare - With a Side of British Wit
Pen Is Not as Mighty As Computer Mouse
US Bid to Contain Iraq Strains Patience, Resources on All Sides