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Monitor Archive for June 8, 1993

Unknown Spaniard Serves Up an Upset
Letters Home, 1952-54
Preparation Of the Heart
Passage Back to India
Somalis Fight Once Again With UN Peacekeepers
Bolivia Works to Reduce Debt, Raise Living Standards
Boston Buzzes With Rumors of Globe Sale
L.A. Mayoral Contest: Voters Look for `Neither'
British Hotly Debate Fate Of Nuclear Power Plants
Vermont's Jeffords: Senate GOP Centrists Could Play Key Role
A Belgrade Radio Station Breaks From Party Line
White House Shuffles Communications Duties
Surrogacy's Perils

Try Superinsulation For a Tight House, Maine Builder Says
Palestinians Worry About a US `Tilt' As Peace Talks Near
Socialists' Narrow Win Signals Spain's Shift To Two-Party System
Syria's Assad, Israelis Sit Tight
Romanian Economic Reforms Move Slowly
It's a Bird, It's a Plane, No, It's ... Super Animal?
Consumer Electronic Vendors Offer a Peek Into the Future
Californians Gear Up For Impact of Free Trade
Images That Animate Landscape
Reform the Federal Reserve
An Unsanguine Salinger
Advice to Clinton: Talk to the Press
Libel Verdict Sends Tremors Through US Newsrooms
Rhode Island Tribe Wants Casino To Help Reduce High Jobless Rate
A New Role for the REA
Bickering Leaders Eclipse Cambodia Election Progress
Bring UN Into the Process
Charter Schools Offer Another Choice