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Monitor Archive for June 18, 1993

Not even mushrooms are safe
Ginsburg Nomination Raises Hurdles for Abortion-Rights Bill
Foreign Golfers Find Increasing Success on US Pro Tour
Cold Weather Seems to Grow Duffers

Azerbaijan Democrats On Verge of Losing Power
College Grads: Get Moving and Get Focused
Thoughtful commentary
Emperor Napoleon Reigns Supreme In Tennessee
Serbs, Croats Pitch a Plan To Chop War-Torn Bosnia Into Three Ethnic States
Between Power and Law
The Bottom Line On TV Violence
The Clinton Doctrine: a New Foreign Policy
Misreported Polling Data Fails an Informed Citizenry
Arab-American Family Straddling Cultures
As `Good' Jobs Become `Bad' Jobs, Congress Takes a Closer Look
College Grads: Get Moving and Get Focused
Senate Gives Clinton Budget Plan a Lift
Continued Assault On Somali Warlord May Backfire on UN
House Passes Foreign Aid, Bill Moves On to Senate
Croatia Is Tense As Local Serbs Vote on Secession
Second Wind for Clinton?
A Power Saw Run By Grampy's Foot
Pepsi Reels From Reports Of Product Tampering
St. Louis Opera Ends on High Note
Talk of `Universality' Dominates UN Rights Conference
Bridge From Island To Canada Mainland Nears Parliament OK
To Celebrate My Father
An Inflation Scare Fades Away in the US
Elections Suspended, Nigerians Again Find Democracy in Peril
Two Comic Interludes
My Stepkids: New Members Of the Tribe
Trade Deficit Widens Unexpectedly in April
How Love Liberates
Wide-Ranging Lobbying Saves `Radio Free' Programs
Proof required
Russia, Ukraine Agree To Split Black Sea Fleet