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Monitor Archive for May 27, 1993

Black Parents Resist Calls To End Voluntary Busing
Justice - Punishment Or Healing?
Sharing a Meal With Larry Gatlin
Schools Start Mandating Community Service
Clinton, China, and MFN
Silly Antics Rule Off-Broadway Pair
Keeping EPA on Course
Though Gone
Where Weeds Are Winning
Some Reasons to Be Wary About Jari
Government Prepares Germany For Tough Budget Cuts Ahead

Guatemala's Suspension of Democratic Rule Follows Precedent Set by Peru's Fujimori
S. Africa's Talks Disrupted By Detention of Militants
Freshmen Democrats Key to Budget Vote
Amid More Criticism, NATOMinisters Differ Over Safe-Haven Plan
Parmesan - Seven Centuries Before Kraft
Loyal Friends of The Leafy, Growing Variety
Milwaukee Busing Plan Is Also on the Line
Frommer's Guide to Great Trips
UN, Heeding China, Keeps a Dissident Out
Some Reasons to Be Wary About Jari
Michel: Clinton Can Win on Income Tax
Behind Balkans Disaster: A Gulf of Understanding
Gas Lines A Good Sign? Only in Moscow
Early Images Freeze Both History and Beauty
Enduring a Tedious Cruise; Enjoying a Stone-Age Encounter
Investors Take a Chance on Foreign Funds
Cultural Differences Thrown Into Relief By Louisiana Case
FINOCCHI AL BURRO (fennel sauteed in butter)
Opportunity for the Americas
The Talk of Italy: Who's Next?
Amnesty Accuses Egypt of Rights Violations
Goya Grows, Seeks New Markets
Beijing Frees Political Foe
Averting a Telecommunications Trade War